The Vendee Globe Challenge 1996-1997 Results:

Name - Boat

Final Place

Total Time

Average Speed*



Christhope Auguin


105d 20h 31m 23s




Marc Thiercelin
Credit Immobilier de France


113d 08h 26m 08s

8.31 knots



Herve Laurent
Groupe LG Traitmat


114d 16h 43m 14s

8.21 knots



Eric Dumont
Cafe Legal le Gout


116d 20h 18m 22s 8.06 knots 1.04 France
Pete Goss
Aqua Quorom Challenge


126d 21h 25m 04s 7.42 knots 1.05 Great Britain
Catherine Chabaud
Whirpool - Europe 2


140d 04h 38m 45s 6.72 knots 0.87 France

* The average speed was calculated on the predicted distance of 22,600 nautical miles. In reality all boats sailed longer distances to finish the course. In fact the average speed of all boats is higher than posted.

** This performance coefficient is calculated on the predicted distance of 22,600 miles and on overall length of the boat. In reality all boats sailed longer distances to finish the course and majority of the boats had shorter waterline length than their overall length. The coefficient would be higher for many boats if detailed information on exact sailed distance and waterline length of each boat would be available. More and more boats were specially designed for later races and majority of such yachts had waterline length almost matching overall length (set by race rules). Therefore this coefficient is more fair to each competitor who took part in later races.

Disqualified competitors:
Isabelle Austissier, PRB, France - disqualified for porting, December 3
Thierry Dubois, Pour Amnesty International, France - retired due to hull damage, December 17
Yves Parlier, Aquitaine Innovations, France - retired December 24
Patrick de Radigues, Afibel, Belgium - retired January 4
Bertrand de Broc, Vorte Nom Autour du Monde, France - retired January 20
Tony Bullimore, Southend of Sea, Great Britain - capsized, rescued from sinking boat
Didier Mundutiguy, Club 60 Eme Sud, France - retired
Nandor Fa, Budapest, Hungary - retired with keel problems
Gerry Roufs, Groupe LG2, France - lost at sea

Unofficial entrant:
Raphael Dinelli, Algimouss, France -
rescued by Goss after sailboat sank

This results were compiled by  Richard Boehmer.

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