Solo Oceans Sailing & Racing

  What is Solo Circumnavigations Under Sails
We recommend that you first look here to gain a better understanding of "What is Circumnavigation" and learn more about its technical specification.
Solo Circumnavigators
Here you will find an information on Solo Circumnavigation Under Sails. Since first circumnavigation made by Joshua Slocum one hundred years ago until present days
Solo Round the World Race - BOC Challenge/Around Alone
Here you will find information on The Solo Round the World Races, the BOC Challenges and Around Alone
Vendee Globe Challenge - Solo Nonstop Round The World Races
Here you will find information on the Solo Nonstop Round the World Races, the Vendee Globe Challenge
 Solo Transatlantic Races
Here you will find an information on - The Solo Transatlantic Sailing Races, the solo race from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island. The Race is run every four years in the Olympic year since 1960.

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